Introducing Me


Hi! Let's start with a simple introduction. My name is Mary Kate and I am from Omaha, Nebraska, but am currently residing in the Little Apple (Manhattan, KS) as I attend Kansas State University to study Human Resources Management. I'm a dog enthusiast and have one of my own named Carly. She is my best friend and my partner in crime. I have a passion for traveling and exploring the world and everything it has to offer. Aside from doing portrait photography, I like to dabble in landscape and nature photography. 

I love to meet new people. I love to hear about people's passions, interests, weird quirks, whatever you want to share with me, I'm ready to hear it! To get the ball rolling, one of my weird quirks is that I love pickles and ranch (separately, not together) a weird amount. Like, I will defend my love for those two things until I die. ANYWAYS! My love for meeting new people is what inspires me to do what I do. Through photography, I have met amazing, talented, creative people that I couldn't have met otherwise. Capturing YOUR memories is my biggest priority, as photos can last an eternity and can sometimes describe a moment better than words.

Whew! Okay, I'm done now. Did I ramble too much? Did that even make sense? Either way, connect with me and let's create photos, memories, and friendships.